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New migrant caravan forms in southern Mexico

15:52, 30 October 2021
New migrant caravan forms in southern Mexico Photo: DavidRockDesign /

Nearly 3,000 migrants from Central America have formed a caravan as they are rejecting orders from immigration officers to suspend their advance.

The migration caravan was formed near the Mexican city of Tapachula and their current stop is the town of Acacoyagua which means that they have already advanced by 38 km.

The caravan is mostly formed by children and their mothers who have rejected immigration visas as they say migration officials can't be trusted as they can easily arrest or even deport the migrants.

The visas would give the migrant a permission to stay in Mexico and have access to basic healthcare and work, however first they must give their consent to be sent by the government to other states.

Many of the migrants are attempting to escape the absence of jobs and narcotic cartels to start fresh somewhere else.

Previous attempts like this one usually have ended up with migrant officers or even the army intervening and by using force putting an end to the caravan’s advancement.

The US is highly alarmed about the migrant problem as it pressures the Mexican government to put an end or at least to reduce constant migration.

In an attempt to stem the crisis thousands of American police and national guard agents were deployed in the country.