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Peruvian Parliament moves to impeach President Castillo

11:41, 26 November 2021
Peruvian Parliament moves to impeach President Castillo Photo: Peruvian Presidential Press/XinHua/Global Look Press

The opposition Peruvian Parliament deputies on Thursday came forward with a proposal to remove from office the President of the country Pedro Castillo in connection with his "moral incapacity", radio RPP reported.

The impeachment will need 52 votes from the 130-seat body to begin the removal proceedings. A vote is not yet scheduled as a final vote to remove Castillo would eventually require 87 votes.

The opposition deputies said that Castillo, who took office at the end of July, illegally used funds from the government of the Junin region during the election campaign. In addition, he is charged with the appointment to leading positions in the government of persons associated with terrorism, the promotion of his ideological allies in the military service.

In October, the head of the Peruvian government, Guido Belido, who was suspected of having connections with the leaders of a local terrorist group “Sendero Luminoso”, resigned. In a couple of weeks, Defense Minister Walter Ayala Gonzalez left his post as well amid a scandal with the promotion of Castillo supporters, 

Castillo was a former teacher and a union leader, now representative of the left-wing party Free Peru. Castillo appeared on the national political scene after a teachers’ strike in 2017, aiming at raising wages and allocating more money to the educational sector budget.