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Xiomara Castro expected to become Honduras’ first female President

19:15, 29 November 2021
Xiomara Castro expected to become Honduras’ first female President

One of Honduras’ presidential candidates Xiomara Castro is set to win the elections and become Central America’s first female President.

Among her presidential vows in tackling corruption with the help of the United Nations as well as reforming the constitution.

"We're going to form a government of reconciliation, a government of peace and justice," she said in a statement.

"We have turned back authoritarianism," she added.

Castro follows leftist ideas and the public’s support depicts the shift in the nation’s perception of the left since the coup that took place 12 years ago.

Her husband Manual Zelaya who was the former President of the country was ousted during the coup’s events.

During Castro’s latest speech Zelaya stood by her side.

She also plans to drop the country’s support to Taiwan and shift it to mainland China instead.

Until now not all the ballots were counted, however already a 20-point lead was registered in favour of Castro.

The current President Juan Hernandez has lost support after he figured in a drug trade case in an American court.

These elections are considered to be much more open and just in comparison to the previous ones as during last elections officials were accused of cheating.

This has led to massive protests which later turned deadly as clashes erupted.