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Abu Dhabi’s new law allows non-Muslim marriage 

20:35, 07 November 2021
Abu Dhabi’s new law allows non-Muslim marriage  Photo: Galina Barbieri/Global Look Press

The capital of one of richest Muslim countries in the Persian Gulf, the United Arab Emirates’ Abu Dhabi will now allow non-Muslim to get married and register their union following the reveal of a new civil law.

This step comes amid the country’s pursuit of becoming the region’s main economic and tourist hubs.

Before the new law was introduced couples were only allowed to get married under Islamic Sharia law which is based on the Islamic holy scripture the Koran as well as the sayings of the Muslim prophet Mohammad.

The new law covers various aspects related to marriage including civil marriage, divorce, alimony, joint child custody and proof of paternity, and inheritance.

According to UAE’s WAM news agency the law aims to "enhance the position and global competitiveness of the emirate as one of the most attractive destinations for talent and skills."

A new court will be established especially for the matter and it will function in both English and Arabic languages.