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Blast near nuclear facility was part of drills, Iranian authorities say

14:33, 05 December 2021
Blast near nuclear facility was part of drills, Iranian authorities say Photo: news.ru

An explosion that occurred not far from an enrichment factory was controlled and made no damage to infrastructure, Tehran reports.

Iran’s state media have dispelled rumors that a nuclear site situated in the city of Natanz was attacked by hostile drones adding that a blast that could be heard some 20 km (12 miles) away from the epicenter was a part of air defense tests.

The explosion was reported on Saturday evening. At first, local media reported that the state’s surface-to-air missile defense system protected the Natanz uranium enrichment plant presumably targeted by enemies but sources working with Iran’s security forces announced that the blast was a part of a military test.

Later, the Natanz air defense commander said on Iranian TV that such drills are conducted regularly in the region and controlled by the air defense officials who said that no damage had been done during the drills.

“An hour ago one of the region’s anti-missile systems was tested to assess its preparedness on the ground. There is nothing to worry about at the moment.”

Reported footage of the explosion has been uploaded to the net.

The governor of Natanz confirmed the information, saying, however, that the details remained to be established.

The Natanz nuclear plant, also known as the “Site of Shahid Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan”, received a strengthened air defense system at the end of 2020 following tensions with the outgoing US ex-President Donald Trump.

The questioned tests come as Iran is holding negotiations with the members of the 2015 nuclear deal. On Thursday, Iran’s foreign officials announced that they had presented two drafts of potential nuclear agreements to the US, the EU, China, and Russia.