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Ebrahim Raisi inaugurated as Iran’s new President (VIDEO)

14:55, 03 August 2021
Ebrahim Raisi inaugurated as Iran’s new President (VIDEO) Photo: Thomas Schulze/ZB/Global Look Press

Ebrahim Raisi, the conservative Islamist, who previously received a total of 18 million votes, was inaugurated as the new President of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Tuesday. 

The new president replaced Hasan Rouhaii whose most major achievement was striking a nuclear deal with world powers in 2015, a deal that Trump withdrew from during his presidency making US-Iran relations drop to a low down minimum.

"Following the people's choice, I task the wise, indefatigable, experienced and popular Hojatoleslam Ebrahim Raisi as president of the Islamic Republic of Iran," Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei wrote in a statement.

The newly elected President has a lot of tasks to tackle during the start of his presidency.

Among the most important issues are the Vienna nuclear deal talks and the water shortages that have led to deadly protests in some regions of the Islamic Republic.

During his speech, the President underlined that Iran will no longer depend on the will of foreign powers. 

“We will certainly be after lifting cruel sanctions, but we will certainly not make the people’s livelihoods and the economy conditioned, and won’t tie it to the will of foreigners,” the President said.