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Suicide bomber kills at least 13 people at Kabul airport

17:03, 26 August 2021
Suicide bomber kills at least 13 people at Kabul airport Photo: MuslimShirzad/twitter.com

A blast took place near the gates of Kabul airport amid ongoing evacuation of thousands of people. Presumably, it was an act of terrorism fulfilled by a suicide bomber, according to local reports.

Turkish Defense Ministry reported that there was another, second, explosion near Kabul airport. 

An ISIS* suicide bomber was responsible for the blast, a US official and a person familiar with the situation told POLITICO.

According to the Sky News correspondent, Sally Lockwood, the blast happened near the Baron hotel, where a massive group of people, including British troops and journalists have been staying.

Minutes later, British officials reported that British people weren't injured or killed of the explosion.

A Taliban security source said that 13 people were killed, including children and foreigners.

The White House said that Joe Biden has been informed on the explosion.

The warnings regarding possible threat came from the US embassy in Afghanistan earlier in the day, asking Americans to prevent approaching the territory of Kabul airport due to poor safety conditions.

*ISIS is a terror organization banned in the US, Russia, and many other countries