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Fire erupts at Lebanon’s Zahrani oil facility (VIDEO)

13:34, 11 October 2021
Fire erupts at Lebanon’s Zahrani oil facility (VIDEO) Photo: WAEL HAMZEH/TASS

Firefighters have reached success in an attempt to contain a serious blaze at a petrol storage tank that erupted in the southern part of Lebanon on Monday, according to the energy minister.

There were no fatalities or injuries reported so far regarding the incident that happened in the Zakhari oil facility located in the western part of Lebanon. 

A spokesperson for the Lebanese Army said that the burned fuel storage container was filled with gasoline.

The fire teams tried to extinguish the fire and to secure safety for the residents around the affected location at the same time, paying the priority to avert the spread of fire from reaching other fuel containers.

The containers store petrol and diesel purchased by the Lebanese government.

The Zahrani power plant, which is located in the vicinity, a couple of kilometers south from the place of fire, went out of commission on Saturday due to its running out of fuel. On Sunday it received a donation from the Lebanese army that sacrificed some out of its stock, according to Al Jazeera.

Recently Lebanon experienced a high level of poverty, absence of jobs, internet connection shutdowns, hospital closures resulting in a deep economic crisis amid crippling fuel and power shortages. The country hadn’t formed a government for a period of 13 months, but it has been recently started as the President’s office pronounced the name of the head of the Lebanese government - a billionaire and businessman, Najib Mikati. He is currently in charge of the Cabinet of 24 ministers.

However, the country is still experiencing the consequences after the enormous explosion at Beirut port that occurred on August 4, slightly more than a year ago. The massive blast left more than 200 dead, injuring thousands of people and considerably damaging everything that was around the epicenter.