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Fuel tanker exploded in Lebanon, 20 people dead

14:22, 15 August 2021
Fuel tanker exploded in Lebanon, 20 people dead Photo: Reporterlyaf/twitter.com

Another 79 were injured in the country hit by an energy crisis, according to the Red Cross report.

Lebanese Red Cross department announced on Sunday that they found 20 bodies and registered 79 injured people after a fuel tanker had exploded early in the morning.

The organization sent 24 teams on the scene in the Akkar district.

The owner of the vehicle remains unknown, though National News Agency presumed that the truck was confiscated by the army and the explosion happened after local residents had quarreled to get some gas in the absence of military personnel at night. Other details of the catastrophe have not been found out yet.

An investigation has been launched, comments from eyewitnesses and the wounded are expected to come up soon.

Rescue forces are looking for other victims and missing people.

The blast was already compared with the explosion of 2020 in Beirut, which killed more than 200 and injured several thousand people. On 4 August, a massive explosion occurred in the Beirut Port and destroyed large areas of the city.

The country has been in a deep economic crisis since 2019. It resulted in an energy crisis since the country had no funds to pay foreign suppliers and the national currency devaluated by more than 90%.

The crisis has recently worsened after Head of Lebanon’s central bank Riad Salameh announced that it would no longer subsidize imports of gas and other necessities.

Lebanon has run out of its energy reserves, he said in a statement.

Last month UNICEF released a report which states that more than 75% of the population live in poverty.