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Gaza launches incendiary balloons in Southern Israel, triggers brushfire

18:00, 23 August 2021
Gaza launches incendiary balloons in Southern Israel, triggers brushfire Photo: Ron Sachs/Global Look Press

Kissufim and Be'eri forests along the border with Gaza were put on fire and are currently being extinguished.

Fire and Rescue Services of Israel have reported fires in the Eshkol region neighboring Gaza. Israel reported that Gaza had launched several incendiary balloons in the region.

Firefighters had to face three large fires and 10 minor. The Israel Defense Forces and the Jewish National Fund helped extinguish fire outbreaks along with local residents. The forces have reported that the fire was under control and did not do much damage.

Israeli investigators have specified that at least nine fires in Eshkol were sparked by Gaza attacks and that another one in Sdot Negev was likely to be triggered by arson as well, but this remains to be checked, Fire and Rescue Services said in a statement.

After the previous similar launch which had taken place on August 6, Israel responded by carrying a series of airstrikes at presumed positions of Hamas.

The Monday action comes shortly after clashes near the Gaza-Israel border on Sunday, in which 41 Palestinians and an Israeli soldier were injured.

Later at night Israel carried out a series of airstrikes and hit four gun-producing, according to the government’s statement.