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Houthis insurgents airstrike Yemen base: over 30 killed

13:39, 29 August 2021
Houthis insurgents airstrike Yemen base: over 30 killed Photo: Xinhua/Global Look Press

The Saudi-led coalition military base was attacked in southwest Yemen as more than 30 soldiers were killed and more than 60 injured.

The attack was carried out by the Houthis forces using ballistic missiles and drones, Yemeni official Mohamed al-Naqeeb said. 

It’s unknown whether civilians were killed.  

Yesterday, the coalition forces conducted airstrikes on the Houthis position in the province of Al-Jowf. It’s been reported that 20 Houthis insurgents had been killed. 

According to the pro-Saudi Yemen government, the armored vehicles and several military trucks were destroyed as well.

The attack occurred amid peace negotiations between the sides that had failed despite the UN and the US participants. 

The Yemen conflict started in 2014 when Houthis insurgents took control of the northern regions of the country. The civil war made the Saudi-backed government led by the president leave the capital Sanaa.

Saudi Arabia built an Arabic states coalition alongside the United Arab Emirates and intruded in the conflict back in 2015 supporting escaped president Abd-Rabbu Mansour-Hadi. 

The Houthis presumably enjoy the covert support of Iran and its ally Hezbollah party  

The war becomes a stalemate and none of the parties can achieve victory. As a result of the conflict thousands of people were killed and left homeless which caused a huge humanitarian crisis.