Middle East

Houthis target Saudi cities in several drone attacks

21:13, 20 November 2021
Houthis target Saudi cities in several drone attacks Photo: Murad Abdo/XinHua/Global Look Press

At least 14 drones were fired at Saudi cities by Houthi rebels from Yemen.

The strikes targeted Jeddah, Riyadh, Abha as well as Saudi Aramco’s refineries and oil facilities.

The army sposkman of the Houthis Yahya Saree said that the drone strikes were launched as a response to the increased “aggression” and “and the continuation of its crimes and siege” of Yemen.

In response the coalition led by Saudi Arabia led 13 attacks against the militant group.

Among all it targeted weapon and ammunition storages as well as communication systems.

The crisis in Yemen has been continuing since 2014 when a civil war started and the country became divided into two parts.

The situation escalated when Saudi Arabia formed a coalition and entered Yemen in an attempt to solve the crisis.

The Houthis are supported by Shia Iran thus making them a natural enemy to the Sunni Saudi Arabia.

The internationally officially recognized government’s last stronghold in currently in Marib, however the Houthis are leading an offensive to capture it.

Earlier it was reported that Saudi Arabian air defenses intercepted and destroyed a Houthi drone filled with explosives, which was launched towards the Saudi city of Khamis Mushait.