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Iran and world's powers to hold nuclear talks

13:36, 29 November 2021
Iran and world's powers to hold nuclear talks Photo: Nazanin Tabatabaee Yazdi/TIMA via REUTERS

Iran and the world's countries are set to meet in Vienna today in order to resume talks concerning the 2015 nuclear deal which was reached under Obama’s administration.

The canceling of the deal by Donald Trump has severely impacted the relations between Iran and the West in general.

Since then other members of the deal that include China, France, Russia, and Germany have attempted to persuade Iran into resigning the deal.

Previous meeting did not deliver any prominent results.

This time might be different, however, as Iran recently passed through elections which resulted in Ebrahim Raisi becoming Iran’s new President.

"Our demands are clear. Other parties and especially Americans should decide whether they want this deal to be revived or not. They abandoned the pact, so they should return to it and lift all sanctions," an Iranian official involved in the talks told Reuters.

Among the demands of Iran in order to reenter the deal is the lift of sanctions that has been pulling Iran down since years.

Iran recently has restarted a part of its uranium enrichment programme, raising concerns over the future of the talks and the potential deal.

Iranian officials have said that currently their only objective is to uplift the sanctions and it will be the main theme during the talks.

"To ensure any forthcoming agreement is ironclad, the West needs to pay a price for having failed to uphold its part of the bargain. As in any business, a deal is a deal, and breaking it has consequences," Iran's top nuclear negotiator, Ali Bagheri Kani said in a statement.

"The principle of 'mutual compliance' cannot form a proper base for negotiations since it was the US government which unilaterally left the deal," he continued.

In case the talks fail new tensions with the neighbouring Israel are to be awaited.

Earlier, one of the US Naval Forces Central Command’s ships managed to rescue two seamen from Iran who were drifting in waters on their fishing boat for as long as eight days.