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Iran confirms Evin Prison footage of harsh conditions leak

14:13, 24 August 2021
Iran confirms Evin Prison footage of harsh conditions leak Photo: pixabay.com

A high-ranking official from the Iranian prison system has said that the footage that was leaked on Monday by a group of hackers and contained imagery of violent conditions at Tehran’s Evin Prison. 

Evin Prison is where foreigners including US, UK, and EU citizens and anti-governmental journalists are usually detained. 

Head of Iran’s prison organization Mohammad Mehdi Haj Mohammadi took responsibility for the incident at the prison and promised to punish those who are guilty as well as to ensure that this will not take place again.

“Regarding images from Evin Prison; I take responsibility for the unacceptable behavior, vow not to let such tragic events happen again, and deal seriously with wrongdoers. I also apologize to God, our dear supreme leader, the great nation, and the honorable prison guards, whose efforts will certainly not be ignored due to these errors,” the official wrote on his Twitter page.

The cameras of the prison were hacked on Monday by a group of hackers who is known under the name “Adalat Ali”.

A leaked video shows the prison guard who was watching the security cameras panic after all the footage from the cams went blank and the logo of the hacker group appeared. 


One of the videos shows a man beaten by prison guards while another depicts a man lying on the floor unconscious and the guards not paying attention to him and later dragging him by the floor to his prison cell to then be left halfway lying on the stairs. 

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