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Iran deploys anti-riot police after violent protests in Isfahan

18:23, 27 November 2021
Iran deploys anti-riot police after violent protests in Isfahan

Local media report that several demonstrators were injured in actions held on Friday, two of them are in critical condition.

On Saturday Iranian authorities massively deployed police forces in the streets of the country’s third-largest city Isfahan.

The move follows protests staged on Friday in which several activists were wounded while two of them remain in critical condition, spokesperson for the city’s hospital Nourodin Soltanian said. The local police chief announced that “a limited number” of arrests took place during the demonstrations.

The manifestations were held by citizens opposing the drainage of Zayanderud, a local river that has reportedly been diverted to the neighboring province of Yazd also hit by water shortages. Isfahan’s residents have organized protests for over two weeks but this Friday’s actions turned out to be particularly tense.

Protesters have clashed with the police which resulted in a fire outbreak in the city’s infrastructure as law enforcement agents have allegedly put on fire a camp used by demonstrators.

Local residents report that the situation in the city’s streets remains calm as hardly anyone goes out adding that police forces have urged the citizens to stay at home.

The river has been dry since 2000 with occasional filling during certain seasons. Its bed has become the main gathering spot for protesters and a popular place to take a walk for Isfahan’s residents.