Middle East

Iran holds army drills following alleged confrontation with US

14:59, 07 November 2021
Iran holds army drills following alleged confrontation with US Photo: Thomas Schulze/ZB/Global Look Press

The Islamic Republic of Iran is carrying out army training at land, sea and air following the confrontation with the US, which according to Iran took place in the Sea of Oman over a tanker.

The drills are focused on two main scenarios one of which is defensive while the other one is offensive.

The drills will be carried out across various parts of the country including Sistan, Balochistan and Hormozgan provinces.

“Since we are aware that the enemy is trying to gather its required information after our forces mobilised in the area, from today we are reinforcing our efforts to monitor enemy movements that had begun days ago,” Iran’s army commander-in-chief Abdolrahim Mousavi said in a statement.

The first training operation will focus on breaching shore defences from sea.

In recent months Iran has increased its frequency of military drills amid rise in tension with the US and Israel.

The US denies that it attempted to overtake the oil vessel and instead says that its ships were only at the scene to monitor the situation.