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Israel airstrikes in outskirts of Damascus

09:16, 03 November 2021
Israel airstrikes in outskirts of Damascus

Israel launched a military strike in the outskirts of the Syrian capital of Damascus, the Syrian media reported on Wednesday. 

The strikes have been carried out from the occupied Syrian Golan and brought some material damage; no casualties have been reported. The SANA news agency said that Israel hit Syrian territory with surface-to-surface missiles. To date, there was no official comment from the Isreal Defence Forces.

Strikes were reported in the west of Damascus in the areas of al-Dimas, Qudsaya, and al-Mezzah military airbase. 

The attack comes three days after Israel hit Damascus outskirts targeting the bases of the Hezbollah and other Iranian proxies military groups, five people were killed in a daytime strike outside Damascus, according to a Syrian rights watchdog. 

Israel has launched hundreds of aerial attacks inside Syria in recent years mostly without explanation of its specific goals. 

The Israeli authority repeatedly said that the primary target of all the attacks is the Iran-backed Hezbollah forces which are taking in the Syrian Civil War alongside government forces.