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Israel reports missile attack from Syria

15:39, 03 September 2021
Israel reports missile attack from Syria

Israeli Defense Forces reported an attack with the surface-to-air (SAM or GTAM) missile from Syrian territory on Friday.

"A ground-to-air missile was launched overnight from Syrian territory into Israel. The missile exploded over the sea, so no alert was triggered," IDF tweeted.

No casualties or damage was reported. The shrapnel from the Syrian missile was later found in south Tel Aviv.

"This morning, civilians found a number of rocket fragments on the ground. The fragments will be collected by Israeli police. We thank residents for their vigilance, and ask that they avoid touching these weaponry parts," Israeli Defense Forces added.

No sirens were activated as there was no danger that the missile would land in a residential area.

Earlier on Friday Israel fired missiles over Damascus from the direction southeast of Beirut, activating Syrian air defenses, the Syrian state news agency SANA reported, according to the Syrian military source. Most of them were shot down by air defenses.