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Justin Bieber sings at F1 race in Saudi Arabia

19:08, 06 December 2021
Justin Bieber sings at F1 race in Saudi Arabia Photo: twitter.com/yourbiebernews

The singer Justin Bieber performed in the Saudi city of Jeddah at an F1 race where he sang his popular songs.

The fanbase of Bieber as well various human rights groups called on the singer to boycott the event due to Saudi Arabia’s crackdowns on journalists.

Due to the country being Islamic female dancers wore sweatpants and baggy tops without revealing much skin.

The concert is an example of Saudi Arabia ruler Mohammed bin Salman’s efforts in opening the country up.

As even a few years ago such an event would be impossible to imagine.

Men and women were separated at public events while the sole listening to music was not widely accepted.

Among those who demanded Bieber to drop the concert was the fiance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi who was killed in a Saudi embassy in Turkey allegedly following an order from the Crown Prince.

Bieber himself did not comment on the calls in any sort and his wife Hailey Baldwin posted a video captioned “Go Baby” with the artist performing.