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Lebanese authorities tally Beirut explosion death toll

09:05, 05 August 2020
Lebanese authorities tally Beirut explosion death toll Photo: Фото: Xinhua/Global Look Press

Lebanese Health Minister Hamad Hassan said that the explosion in Beirut killed at least 70 people and injured about 3,700.

Initially, 67 dead and 3,600 injured were reported, according to Al Jazeera Twitter page.

On August 4, a massive explosion occurred in the vicinity of the Beirut Port, near the Lebanese naval base. It was so powerful that it shook the residential areas of the Lebanese capital. First, black and white smoke rose into the sky, and then there was a loud explosion. After that, the blast wave knocked out windows in nearby houses and buildings in an area several kilometers from the epicenter.

At the moment, the city's hospitals are overcrowded. The Lebanese authorities turned to the Red Cross and WHO for help. Beirut has announced a massive mobilization of doctors.

Representatives of the Israeli army announced their intention to put the conflict with Lebanon aside. The Jewish state announced its desire to send medical aid to the predominantly Arab country.

Earlier, NEWS.ru published images from the explosion site.