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Lebanon restores electricity supplies

17:12, 10 October 2021
Lebanon restores electricity supplies

Lebanon's electricity network returned to work after the blackout on Saturday due to the shortage of fuel, Lebanon Energy Minister Valid Fayad said on Sunday.  

The two biggest Lebanon power plants al Zahrani and Deir Ammar were powered down on October 9. Citizens used private generators and stations to produce electricity. 

"The network is back to normal, as it was before the Gasoil (cheap diesel fuel) ran out at Deir Ammar and Zahrani," he said in a statement

The Lebanon authorities engaged the army to supply fuel to two power stations with 6,000 kiloliters of Gasoil. However, this move won’t help to resolve the fuel crunch in Lebanon.

Lebanon is facing a huge crisis following a temporary government turmoil, mismanagement, and last year’s explosion in the Beirut port that destroyed half of the capital buildings, killed at least 200, and injured 6,000 people.

Since 2019 the Lebanon currency has depreciated by 90% as the UN claimed that almost 80% of the country's population are forced to live in total poverty without a chance to find a job. Since the early 90s, Lebanon’s electricity sector has lost more than $40 billion.

The Lebanese people suffer from a lack of drinking water, fuel, and medication. The residents of the cities were forced to get used to permanent electricity outages.