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PM of Iraq al-Khadimi survives after drone attack 

13:36, 07 November 2021
PM of Iraq al-Khadimi survives after drone attack  Photo: pixabay

The Prime Minister of Iran Mustafa al-Khadimi has been targeted in a drone attack which attacked his home, however he managed to survive.

Al-Khadimi’s home is located in the high security Baghdad’s green zone where the embassies and governmental buildings are located.

The assassination attempt has led to six injuries of al-Khadimi’s security staff.

Three rockets were initially launched but only one reached its target as the other 2 were intercepted. 

Until the moment no organization or militia has taken responsibility for the assassination attempt.

In the meantime Iran and the US condemned the attack.

  "It's premature now to say who carried out the attack," the official was quoted as saying. "We're checking our intelligence reports and waiting for initial investigation results to point the finger at perpetrators," a security official told Reuters. 

The attacks come amid a turbulent time in Baghdad as protests over the results of the general elections have led to at least 100 people being injured this week.

Before becoming a Prime Minister al-Khadimi was an intelligence chief and he was elected as a Prime Minister in May last year.