Middle East

Saudi Arabia expels Lebanese ambassador over Yemen

17:47, 30 October 2021
Saudi Arabia expels Lebanese ambassador over Yemen Photo: Oliver Weiken/dpa/Global Look Press

Saudi Arabia has told the Lebanese ambassador in the country to leave in the next 24 hours following negative comments about Saudi Arabia made by a Lebanese minister. 

As a sanction the Saudi government has imposed a ban on Lebanese imported products.

This retaliation was caused by the fact that a minister from Lebanon has criticized the operation of the Saudi coalition in the war-torn Yemen. 

He called the countries participating in the war aggressors who have ruined their neighbouring countries

Other countries with storing ties with Saudi Arabia like Bahrain and Kuwait have also considered sending out their own Lebanese ambassadors. 

Lebanon itself said that it hopes Saudi Arabia will reconsider its decision and do not allow the relations to plunge even lower.

The Arab League expressed concern about the situation and called on the Arabian Gulf countries "to reflect on the measures proposed to be taken... in order to avoid further negative effects on the collapsing Lebanese economy."