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Taliban co-founder Baradar to lead the government, sources say

11:31, 03 September 2021
Taliban co-founder Baradar to lead the government, sources say Photo: MOHAMMAD ISMAIL/Reuters

Taliban* co-founder Mullah Baradar will be the head of the new Afghan government, which is planned to be announced soon, according to sources from the Islamist group. 

Mullah Baradar is a co-founder of the Taliban, who took part in military actions in the Soviet-Afghan War in Kandahar back in 1980 and was named “Baradar” (which means “brother”) by the first leader of the Taliban, Mohammed Omar.

According to the sources, Mullah Mohammad Yaqoob, the son of the Taliban co-founder Mullah Omar and Mohammad Abbas Stanekzai are expected to join Baradar and take serious positions in the government.

All the top leaders of the Taliban are already in Kabul, and soon the new government will be announced, a Taliban told Reuters.

The Taliban, which is considered to be a terror organization and banned in many countries in the world, seized power in Afghanistan on August 15. It resulted in massive panicking of the citizens in the country due to the worst expectations of the Taliban reign. 

Many people found their salvation within Kabul national airport amid the US air forces were pulling out the US citizens and those who had worked for the States during the American mission in Afghanistan. Massive gatherings of people within the airport’s border created chaos. People refused to leave the area and were staying inside the airport for many days.

An act of terrorism took place at the area of the airport amid mass gathering and chaos, in which Afghanistan has plunged into amid changes inside the country. Dozens of people, including American soldiers died due to the explosion of a suicide bomber at the airport area. ISIL, an enemy of the Taliban, claimed responsibility for the inhuman act.

The Taliban was in power in Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, and during this period, the country was under the radical form of Sharia.

Nowadays, numerous countries express concerns about how The Taliban will act and refuse to recognize the expected government so far.