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Two civilians killed in Israeli strike in Syria

08:54, 24 November 2021
Two civilians killed in Israeli strike in Syria

Two civilians were killed as another civilian and six soldiers were injured in an Israeli strike on the city of Homs, according to the Syrian state agency SANA.

Syria’s air defenses were reportedly activated in response to the attack and shot down several missiles. According to SANA, the airstrikes were launched from the northeast of Beirut.

Earlier, on November 8, the Syrian military reported on repelling an Israeli airstrike. Last month, on October 8, six Israeli F-16 fighters launched airstrikes against the T-4 airfield in the city of Homs. As a result of the attack, six Syrian military personnel were injured, and the damage to the airfield was negligible. 

The Syrian air defense on duty managed to destroy eight missiles from the armament of the armed forces of the SAR of the Russian-made Pantsir anti-aircraft missile system.

Israel has launched hundreds of aerial attacks inside Syria in recent years mostly without explanation of its specific goals. 

The Israeli authority repeatedly said that the primary target of all the attacks is the Iran-backed Hezbollah forces which are taking part in the Syrian Civil War alongside government forces.