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UK finishes civilian’s evacuation from Kabul

18:33, 28 August 2021
UK finishes civilian’s evacuation from Kabul

The UK finished the evacuation of civilians from the capital of Afghanistan.

Great Britain has a deadline until 31 August to withdraw the diplomatic corps and military staff from Kabul.

The head of the UK armed forces Nick Carter regrets that the British side isn’t capable of helping all afghans eligible to leave the country due to time evacuation limitations.

More than 1,000 UK soldiers remained in Kabul to assist in the departures. At the moment at least 15,000 people have already been evacuated by the UK.

The spokesman of the Taliban* Zabiullah Mujahid said on 24 August that people would be able to leave Afghanistan till 31 August. The Taliban won’t approve any additional evacuation operations after that date.

Moreover, the Taliban forces blocked the road to the Kabul airport. It’s been reported that only foreigners had the possibility to reach the airport and flee Afghanistan.

Two days ago, the German forces completed their evacuation; they managed to withdraw more than 5000 people. 

On Friday night French officials announced that the Apagan Operation launched on August 15, which consisted in evacuating some 3,000 people, was successfully finished. 

The US, as well as the UK, planned to halt evacuation flights on 31 August.

On 26 August explosions occurred at the gates of the Hamid Karzai International Airport and in the center of Kabul. According to the latest data, almost 200 people were killed including 13 American soldiers. 

*Taliban is a terror organization banned in the US, Russia, and many other countries.