Middle East

UN Secretary-General Guterres to visit Lebanon

16:00, 14 December 2021
UN Secretary-General Guterres to visit Lebanon Photo: Cancillería Argentina/wikipedia.org

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will visit Lebanon where the situation is deteriorating day by date following the Beirut port blast.

The goal of his trip is to express support for the Lebanese nation in its darkest hours.

His stay in Lebanon will last four days starting from the 19th of December. 

Plans of visiting other countries in the Middle Eastern region were not yet announced.

In the meantime, the Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati was reportedly invited by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to visit Saudi Arabia.

Among the discussed topics will be several “projects to support Lebanon based on conditions,” a French source told Al Arabiya

Saudi Arabia has already invested billions of dollars into Lebanon when Saudi-national Saad al-Hariri served as Prime Minister.

Most of the money was mismanaged due to widespread corruption at all governmental levels.

Lebanon’s relations with Saudi Arabia started deteriorating when the militant pro-Iranian Shia group Hezbollah started gaining more and more power.

However, with the upcoming visit of Mikati to the kingdom, the situation may change.