British General says tanks to become ‘dangerous and difficult’ on the field

16:31, 03 June 2021
British General says tanks to become ‘dangerous and difficult’ on the field Photo: Cpl Russ Nolan RLC/MOD/

The head of the British Army General Sir Mark Carleton-Smith has said that older army tanks will become "very dangerous and very difficult to employ" on the battlefield, as he defended the decision to cut old equipment unless it is upgraded, The Telegraph wrote.

Military authorities announced re-equipment of their machinery by 508 new Boxer mechanized infantry vehicles ahead of schedule instead of 758 Warrior infantry fighting vehicles which were supposed to be retired.

“We are far better off having a fleet of 148 of the most capable main tanks in the world than a larger fleet of increasingly vulnerable tanks that we would have found very dangerous and very difficult to employ,” the General said.

Earlier, a government report leaked to the paper disclosed that a £5.5 billion program to deliver 589 light tanks to the army was facing major issues. Reportedly, new Ajax armored fighting vehicles limit the amount of time the crew can spend in the vehicle up to 90 minutes and the tanks cannot exceed 20mph. 

Dozens of British tanks will be scrapped and the remainder upgraded, stated General Carleton-Smith earlier. Under announced in March British integrated review of foreign and defense policy, the Challenger 3 tanks will replace the current version of the main battle tank Challenger 2 that has been in service since 1998. The Challenger 3 would be able to travel up to 60mph and share digital data with helicopters and other ground vehicles.