China has reportedly tested new nuclear-capable missile

17:06, 17 October 2021
China has reportedly tested new nuclear-capable missile Photo:

According to the Financial Times, China’s military advance has surpassed the expectations of the US.

The Financial Times (FT) has reported citing five sources familiar with the test that China tested a new hypersonic missile in August but did not announce it as usual.

The missile was reportedly carried by a Long March rocket. According to the investigation, the missile circled the Earth and hit the surface around 20 miles (32 km) away from the target.

However, the insiders said that the combat capacity of the missile took the US intelligence by surprise, highlighting that the PRC had made astonishing progress on hypersonic weapons.

The Pentagon spokesman refused to give comments on the report, adding, however, that the US keeps its concerns that China’s military advance raises tension in Asia.

“We have made clear our concerns about the military capabilities China continues to pursue, capabilities that only increase tensions in the region and beyond. That is one reason why we hold China as our number one pacing challenge.”

Apart from the US and China, hypersonic weapons are also developed by Russia, India, Pakistan, Japan, and Koreas. They are more maneuverable and fast than ballistic missiles which makes them harder to defend against since anti-hypersonic systems remain questionable.

The report appears amid growing tension between China and the US over Taiwan. Earlier the Pentagon representatives revealed that it had been secretly training Taiwan soldiers while on October 1 a record number of Chinese warplanes made an incursion into Taiwan’s air defense zone.