Berlusconi ‘fired up’ to participate in Italy’s 2022 presidential race

18:44, 09 December 2021
Berlusconi ‘fired up’ to participate in Italy’s 2022 presidential race Photo: STUDIO FOTOGRAFICO BUZZI SRL/www.imago-images.de

Silvio Berlusconi, 85, who served as Italy’s Prime Minister in four governments, pursues a goal to become the President of the country as he promised to his mother.

The results of the elections will determine the new leader of the country next year who will be responsible for Italy's future. There are no apparent candidates as of now, but Berlusconi seems to be the first to apply for the upcoming presidential race.

The longest-serving Premier of the post-war times sees no obstacles that could hamper him to take part in the important race despite his advanced age, health issues and his turbid past where the sex scandals took place.

A lawmaker from the ex-Premier's party called Forza Italia said they met Silvio Berlusconi twice in the last two weeks and the possible candidate was “totally fired up.”

Head of the centre-left Democratic Party has already made a choice not to support Berlusconi saying that the presidential election “has to be based on a large majority.. otherwise the government will immediately fall apart.”

To win the race the candidate has to obtain two-thirds of votes and in case of failure, which may happen to all the participants simultaneously, the amount of the needed votes plummets down to 50% plus one.

In spite of Berlusconi’s vast experience in politics he remains one of Italy's largest controversial persona in politics as he was accused of avoiding taxes back in 2013 and is still prosecuted by law for bribing the witnesses in a minor prostituion case connected with his scandalous “Bunga Bugna” sex soirees held more than 10 years ago.