Ethiopia criticizes UN’s new probe proposal

20:42, 17 December 2021
Ethiopia criticizes UN’s new probe proposal Photo: imago stock&people/Global Look Press

The ambassador of Ethiopia Zembe Kebede accused the United Nations Human Right Council of using itself as an instrument of political pressure.

The proposal, if accepted, will establish a special committee that will investigate crimes and abuses in Ethiopia.

The UN claims that it has received many reports of war crimes and human right violations against all the sides fighting in the Ethiopian crisis.

Nada al-Nashif, the deputy rights chief said that Ethiopia’s risk “of increasing hatred, violence and discrimination is very high”, could lead to “generalised violence, (with) major implications, not only for millions of people in Ethiopia, but also across the region”.

The committee will investigate the reports received since the conflict began in November of the previous year.

Ethiopia is not agreeing to the crisis claiming that it is politically motivated, calling on countries to vote against.

“We call on all council members to … stand against short-sighted interests and refuse the politicisation of human rights by rejecting this resolution,” said ambassador Zembe Kebede

“My government will not cooperate with any mechanisms that may be imposed on it because this is … a deliberate destabilisation effort.”