France says UK’s labour laws encourage illegal migration

13:38, 15 November 2021
France says UK’s labour laws encourage illegal migration Photo: pixabay.com

Interior Minister of France Gerald Darmanin blamed UK’s labour law for the growing number of illegal migrants trespassing through the English Channel adding that France itself also suffers from it.

His statements came a week after the number of migrants crossing the English Channel in one day set several new records in a row.

"If the British overhauled their (labour) legislation - they started doing it but haven't gone far enough - there would be no people in Calais and Dunkerque", he said in a statement.

“Why do they go to Britain? Because the British labour market functions, in many ways, with an army of reserves, as Karl Marx would say, of irregular workers," he added.

The UK from itself lays some of the blame on France as it has said that France must not let any boat loaded with migrants pass from its side of the border.

France responded by saying that it is already doing enough but the number of migrants is just too high to be put completely under control.

"It is we who are negatively affected by Britain's policy. We will remind the British minister (...) that we need Britain to take decisions (...) and that we should stop being seen as a punching ball for Britain's internal policy squabbles," Darmanin concluded.

He is set to hold a meeting with Britain's Home Secretary Priti Patel to discuss the issue.

The two countries currently share damaged relations due to the fact that the UK does not supply French fishing vessels with the needed amount of permits to fish in its waters. 

The UK from its side said that it is doing everything, according to the previously signed accords, by giving permits to those who provide the necessary documentation.

The two countries have held talks on the issue and their results were noted by both sides as positive and productive.