Joe Biden and Xi Jinping to hold virtual meeting on Monday

13:00, 13 November 2021
Joe Biden and Xi Jinping to hold virtual meeting on Monday Photo: Jason Lee/REUTERS

The President of the United States Joe Biden and China’s Xi Jinping will have a virtual meeting on Monday as tensions continue rising between the two powers.

During the phone call a large scale of topics is planned to be discussed.

Among them is the notorious COVID-19 issue which has put the relations between the two countries at a record low as the US continues to identify whether the origin of the disease is indeed China. 

"The two leaders will discuss ways to responsibly manage the competition ... as well as ways to work together where our interests align," White House press secretary Jen Psaki said.

"President Biden will make clear U.S. intentions and priorities and be clear and candid about our concerns," she added.

China, however, will try to avoid confrontation as Xi is keen on securing his third term.

Thus the Chinese side will focus more on bilateral relations and issues of common interest, according to China’s foreign ministry.

Recently China has said that its relation with the US “is now in a stalemate and faces serious difficulties” as in the US China is portrayed as an “imagined enemy.”

The meeting will come a short while after the US finally signed the historical $1 trillion infrastructure bill that was among all else motivated by America’s will to outperform China.