MEP supports lifting sanctions against Russia

13:20, 21 November 2020
MEP supports lifting sanctions against Russia Photo: Wikimedia

Member of the European Parliament Jerome Riviere has spoken in support of lifting the sanctions imposed on Russia due to the situation in Ukraine, RT reports.

He said that the lifting of restrictions would strengthen trust among the countries - members of the Normandy Format, which, in addition to Russia and Ukraine, includes Germany and France.

Riviere noted that the conflict in Ukraine could not be resolved in any other way, except for negotiations within this format.

The European Parliament is considering an amendment to one of the initiatives on adopting a resolution, but it is not specified which resolution is being discussed.

The amendment emphasizes that the lifting of sanctions against Russia can lead to increased confidence among the parties and more effective implementation of any agreements, reads the document.

NEWS.ru earlier reported that the decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine on the illegality of the electronic declaration of income of officials violates the international commitments assumed by Kyiv.