NATO airplane approaches Crimean border, Russian military says

17:49, 11 November 2021
NATO airplane approaches Crimean border, Russian military says

The military activity of the United States and its NATO allies has significantly increased in the Black Sea, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

“Over the past day, four NATO reconnaissance aircraft were found and accompanied by radar systems of the Russian Aerospace Forces," the ministry said in a statement.

Two patrol aircrafts P-8A Poseidon, as well as U-2S and RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft, flew over the northwestern and central parts of the Black Sea. In addition, the British RC-135 reportedly has tried to fly over the Russian border in the region of the southwestern part of Crimea. 

The Russian officials also said that the flagship of the US Sixth Fleet Mount Whitney and the destroyer Porter have arrived in the Black Sea for military exercises.

The Russian Ministry claimed that these maneuvers create "a threat to regional security and strategic stability."

"As a NATO ally ourselves we will continue to fly, sail and operate in international airspace and international waters as appropriate," the Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said. 

Kirby also added that the US will continue to do its exercise “to stand up for American important principles.”

A French member of the European Parliament Thierry Marianihas called naval maneuvers of the US warships in the Black Sea a clear provocation.

“Can you imagine what the American reaction would be if the Russian navy organized maneuvers in international waters off the American coast, near Washington DC?" he told Russian media.