New Zealand to toughen anti-terror laws after supermarket stabbing

17:22, 04 September 2021
New Zealand to toughen anti-terror laws after supermarket stabbing Photo: Sergey Lantukhov/NEWS.ru

The President of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern said that following the knife attack in Auckland anti-terror laws will become more strict. 

"We must be willing to make the changes that we know may not necessarily have changed history, but could change the future," she said during a press-conference. 

She called the incident a “terrorist attack” and expressed hope that the parliament will back her decision to toughen anti-terror laws.

The attack itself took place at a supermarket in Auckland and was carried out by a Sri-Lankan national who stabbed 7 people before being shot dead by the police.

The attacker was identified as the 32-year-old Ahamed Aathil Mohamed Samsudeen who sought refuge in New Zealand in 2011. 

He was under heavy surveillance due his extremist ideological ideas, as he had ISIL* propaganda videos stored on his hard drive.  

The new legislation will focus on making it easier from a law standpoint to convict someone who allegedly plans a terror attack. 

*ISIS, also known as ISIL, Islamic State, or Daesh is a terror organization banned in the US, Russia, and many other countries.