Pentagon says there was no criminal negligence in Afghan drone strike

13:48, 04 November 2021
Pentagon says there was no criminal negligence in Afghan drone strike Photo: pixabay.com

The Pentagon has conducted a review of the drone airstrike that was targeting a terrorist with a bomb but in reality resulted in the deaths of 10 Afghan civilians was found to not have violations of the laws of war, instead it had only “execution errors,” according to the Air Force inspector Lt. Gen. Sami Said.

Said was responsible for the investigation of the accident and he reached the result that no misconduct or negligence is responsible for what happened. 

The strike was supposed to hit a terrorist who was carrying a bomb to explode near US troops who were still managing evacuations three days after a blast near Kabul airport took the lives of both Afghans and US personnel. 

In reality the drone killed a family and several others who had no connection to any terrorist groups whatsoever.

“You have to put yourself into the conditions that existed at the time. So you can imagine the stress on the force is high and the risk to force is high, and not appreciating [the incident] through that lens, I think would be inappropriate,” he said in a statement.

“[Officials] truly believed at the time that they were targeting an imminent threat to U.S. forces [at the airport]. The white Corolla, its contents and occupants were genuinely assessed at the time to be a threat to US forces,” he added.

He also said that the car had a computer bag similar to the one terrorists use to carry bombs, while the presence of the kids was not obvious.