Poland claims Belarus is continuing to bring migrants to border

16:59, 21 November 2021
Poland claims Belarus is continuing to bring migrants to border Photo: Makis_Kevrekidi/twitter.com

Poland accused Belarus of continuing to bring more migrants towards the border, despite earlier removing several camps.

Polish border patrol agents say that on Saturday night Belarussian operatives brough 100 migrants more to the border.

“On Saturday … a group of about 100 very aggressive foreigners, brought to the border by Belarusian servicemen, tried to enter Poland by force. (Polish) services prevented the crossing,” the Polish Border Guard said in a statement.

Belarussian agents allegedly gave migrants special wooden boards which would allow them to cross the barbed wire.

“Today, on Poland’s eastern border, we are dealing with a new type of war, a war in which migrants are weapons, in which disinformation is a weapon, a hybrid war,” Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said.

This rise in tensions followed a gradual decrease in the number of crossing attempts which has gone from 501 to 208.

The European Union has also agreed on a list of sanctions that will be imposed on Belarus as it is considered responsible for the migrant crisis on the country’s border with Poland.

 The situation is getting life threatening as temperatures are getting colder and the total death toll has reportedly reached 10 with one of the last cases being the death of a young Syrian man.