Putin, Assad agree not to disclose details of Syria visit in advance

14:38, 07 January 2021
Putin, Assad agree not to disclose details of Syria visit in advance Photo: kremlin.ru

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that his last year's visit to Damascus was not sudden for his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad. The leaders of the two countries agreed in advance not to disclose specific details of the trip before Putin arrived in Syria.

Well, it wasn't sudden for him. I could not appear in Damascus without his invitation. It is merely out of the question, said Putin in the documentary No room for error. Christmas Visit to Damascus, aired by Russia 1 TV channel.

The Russian leader noted that information about the specific time of the visit, about the places of meetings and objects of the visit, should not have been made public until he appeared there.

For some clear reasons related to the need to ensure security in the situation in which Syria and its capital Damascus were a year ago, Putin explained.

The Russian President also noted that as a result, he and Assad 'worked very productively, meaningfully and useful in the course of personal meetings.'

Putin traveled to Damascus on January 7, 2020. He visited the Russian command post, having held talks there with Bashar al-Assad, drove through Damascus, and saw the Orthodox church and a mosque.

NEWS.ru reported earlier that Russian armored vehicle was subjected to fire in Syria.