Taiwan President confirms American soldiers training on island

14:52, 28 October 2021
Taiwan President confirms American soldiers training on island Photo: pixabay.com

The American military is present in Taiwan and its forces are training Taiwan’s army, the President of the island Tsai Ing-wen said in an interview.

Her statements confirmed the already well established speculations that such training is taking place.

"We have a wide range of cooperation with the U.S. aiming at increasing our defence capability," she said, adding that the number of US personnel is not as large as people thought it to be. 

Recently the relations between China and the Asian island have deteriorated as China said that it has all the capabilities to do so.

Additionally China has increased its military presence in the air over Taiwan by raising the frequency of sending its military air jets over Taiwan.

China responded to Ing-wen’s claims saying that there is no point in pushing the agenda of Taiwan’s independence.

"Taiwan independence is a dead end, and there will also be no turning back for those who support it," China's foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said in a statement.

"The U.S. should abide by the One China Principle...and not whatever thing it concocts up itself unilaterally," he added.

China is firmly against military cooperation between Taiwan and the US as it considers the island a part of itself.