Taliban threaten US, urging it to withdraw from Afghanistan completely

15:54, 05 July 2021
Taliban threaten US, urging it to withdraw from Afghanistan completely Photo: isafmedia/wikipedia.com

Amid reports that some US forces will stay in Afghanistan, Taliban officials state that any foreign military presence after the set deadline for withdrawal (11 September) will not be tolerated. In an official statement Suhail Sahen a Taliban spokesman said:

“If they leave behind their forces against the Doha agreement then, in that case, we would react and the final decision is with our leadership”

After the 9/11 attacks, the full scale of the dangers of terrorism was evident. In an attempt to tackle the threat Bush Jr.'s war on terror doctrine was established. The doctrine became the United States’ foreign policy manual for years to come. The war on terror doctrine gave the US a green light to initiate and lead a global war against the threat of terrorism. The countries that soon came under the new official US policy were among others Iraq and Afghanistan.

As stated in the documents of the State Department, the results of the US actions in Afghanistan in 2001-2005 were labeled as a "tremendous achievement", and "a huge strategic success". However, in reality, Washington misinterpreted the survival of the new official government for several years as irrefutable evidence of the defeat of the Taliban movement as Taliban is still present in Afghanistan and according to Eltaf Najafizada, a Bloomberg reporter, stronger than ever.

The US attempt to suppress the country's hotbed of resistance was proven unachievable. US troops and the International Security Assistance Force controlled about 3-5% of the territory in Afghanistan solely during daylight hours. After roughly 20 years of war, the goals set that were set are left unachieved and a decision to abandon Afghanistan completely was taken. Peace talks with the Taliban were first considered a success however it soon appeared that the Islamic movement was not set on following the terms of the treaty. 

Now, the forces of the Taliban movement are obtaining larger and larger control over Afghan territory. Some Taliban leaders feel at ease threatening the US by saying that any American troop will not be tolerated if seen in Afghanistan after NATO’s September withdrawal deadline. In a statement given to BBC by Haji Hekmat, one of the Taliban’s officials he said: 

“We are ready for anything. We are totally prepared for peace, and we are fully prepared for jihad." 

The official Taliban rhetoric can be concluded by another Haji Hekmat statement “We have won the war, America has lost”.