There are fewer attempts from migrants cross border, Poland says

19:27, 20 November 2021
There are fewer attempts from migrants  cross border, Poland says Photo: pixabay.com

The attempts by migrants to cross the border of Poland from the Belarus side are getting fewer according to Poland following an alleged attempt by Belarus to calm the crisis. 

"Yesterday ... there were several attempts to forcefully cross the border. The largest group consisted of about 200 foreigners, the others of tens of people. The foreigners were aggressive - they threw stones, firecrackers and used teargas," the Border Guard’s statement read on Twitter.

The number of daily attempts has went to 195 on Friday down from 250 on Thursday and 501 from the day before that.

The decrease might also be affected by the sanctions presented by the west on air companies that helped migrants to reach Belarus.

Belarus claims that it does not orchestrate the events, however the west sees the crisis as an attempt from Lukashenko to put pressure on the EU and the US after they installed sanctions on him.

Poland is still claiming that the crisis is far from over despite the lowering number of crossing attempts.

"No, this political crisis is not coming to an end. Belarus is still interested in escalating and continuing operations against Poland," Poland’s security services’ spokesman Stanislaw Zaryn said in a statement.

The European Union has also agreed on a list of sanctions that will be imposed on Belarus over the migrant crisis on the country’s border with Poland.

Earlier, several thousand refugees from Middle Eastern countries gathered in Belarus near the Bruzgi checkpoint to break through the fence to reach Germany.