UK PM Johnson says he won't use dispute mechanism against France

14:38, 30 October 2021
UK PM Johnson says he won't use dispute mechanism against France Photo: Ben Shread/Cabinet Office

The Prime Minister of the UK Boris Johnson said that he will not authorize the use of the dispute mechanism against France as tensions over the fishing dispute grow.

The UK raised concern that France is breaking the UK-EU trade agreement, as Johnson said that he will “do what is necessary to protect British interests.”

When asked whether he would start the dispute mechanism Johnson said “"No, of course not, I do not rule that out.”

The dispute mechanism would launch an arbitration panel which would seek compensation for the victim side and possibly suspend the treaty.

Earlier, France detained a British vessel and said that it will withhold permission for British ships to dock at French ports.

The dispute started after the UK did not present the necessary number of licences for French fishing ships who wanted to fish in British waters.

France claims that it is a violation of the accords reached after the announcement of Brexit. 

England on the other hand said that it is giving all the vessels who submitted the needed documentation which would have evidence that the ship had a fishing activity in British waters before Brexit.