UN ignored plea for Beirut port blast evidence

14:20, 22 November 2021
UN ignored plea for Beirut port blast evidence Photo: Marwan Naamani/dpa

The United Nations repeatedly ignored pleas from victims of the Beirut blast to provide information which could potentially help the ongoing investigation into the matter.

The probe has been continually delayed as relatives of the blast victims are still left with no closure.

On several occasions the investigation was even suspended when judges attempted to question officials of high political profile.

The latest judge who is leading the case Tarek Bitar was even accused of political bias.

His way of handling the probe has motivated many to protest against his decisions.

This has led to clashes between affiliates of various parties and religious backgrounds in Lebanon in which at least seven people received deadly injuries.

Around 2,000 families formed the Beirut Bar Association and wrote three letters to the UN’s Secretary-General Antonio Gueterres.

The families requested all the available satellite images from the blast as well as a response into whether the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon performed a check on the ship that blew up before it had docked at Beirut’s port in 2013.

"Seven months have passed since the blast and five months since our letter, and unfortunately our letters remain unanswered and unacknowledged. Lebanon is a founder member of the UN and is asking for help," the third letter read.

Russia recently agreed to hand images of the blast made by Roskomos. 

Earlier, the US Treasury announced that it imposed sanctions on two businessmen and a member of parliament who is a lawmaker affiliated with the Shia group Hezbollah a week after the Lebanese parliament has set a new date for the country’s legislative elections as it was changed from the 8th of May to the 27th of March.