US Congress suggests not to recognize Putin as Russian President after 2024

17:09, 19 November 2021
US Congress suggests not to recognize Putin as Russian President after 2024 Photo: kremlin.ru

The US Congressman Steve Cohen and Joe Wilson submitted to the House of Representatives a proposal not to recognize Russian President Vladimir Putin as head of state if he decides to run for a new term in 2024.

“The resolution notes the irregularities in elections that kept Putin in power and makes the case that his continuation in office is illegitimate,” the statement reads. 

The senators argued that the amendments to the Constitution adopted in 2020 contradict Russian laws and international obligations. They also claimed that Putin’s continuation in office beyond 2024 would be “illegitimate”. 

“Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that any attempt by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to remain in office beyond May 7, 2024, shall warrant nonrecognition on the part of the United States,” the resolution added.

If the proposal is approved by the congressman, the document will be advisory in nature. 

“The proposed draft is cynical and devoid of any common sense. If the resolution is adopted, this will lead to a break in relations between Russia and the United States," First Deputy Chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Vladimir Dzhabarov said.

Russian Vice Speaker of the Federation Council  Konstantin Kosachev called the draft “pure interference in our internal affairs.”

On Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin was invited to the opening of the Winter Olympics in Beijing, a Russian spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.