Armed with Kalashnikov AR kills imam in Russian Republic of Dagestan

17:41, 12 November 2021
Armed with Kalashnikov AR kills imam in Russian Republic of Dagestan Photo: Kalashnikov Media/Russian Look/Global Look Press

A fatal shooting took place in rural community Ameterkmakhi of Dagestanian Akushinsky region when an armed man with Kalashnikov assault rifle killed an imam of a local mosque and injured two more people, according to a Telegram source, SHOT.

A culprit, Asadullah Rakhmanov, aged 62, headed to the Magomedov family to put a dot in a question of land plot. According to the source, both Magomedov and Rakhmanov couldn't negotiate over the lands for a period of time and it triggered the assailant to resort to violence.  

It resulted in the immediate death of the imam and injuries for his nephew and brother and the killer as well.

The killer was fatally stabbed in the neck by Magomedov’s nephew, aged 25, as the man being wounded could resist the attack that way. 

The killer came to the place of murder in car, in which later police have taken away weapons such as loaded handgun Tula Tokarev (TT) of the year of 1944 with a clip and additional seven bullets, under-barrel grenade launcher GP-25 with 40mm VOG-25 for it and the Kalashnikov AR with four clips and 169 rounds.

Both injured men were immediately sent to a hospital for further surgery, according to the source.

Earlier, a reckless man armed with a bow entered a supermarket in a Norwegian town of Kongsberg and started firing at random people. It led to five fatalities and arrest of the killer. The culprit was taken alive and was sent to a long-lasting interrogation. The motive is still unknown.