Breathtaking photos of Moscow submerged in heavy fog

20:26, 02 November 2021
Breathtaking photos of Moscow submerged in heavy fog Photo: Сергей Булкин/

Russian netizens share beautiful pictures of Moscow covered with a thick layer of mist.

On Monday evening heavy fog descended on the streets of the Russian capital perturbating the functioning of airports and decreasing visibility to 200-700 meters (650-2300 feet).

By Tuesday morning a total of 169 flights were postponed while 33 others were canceled.

Moscow residents share photos of the city’s sites embellished by the natural phenomenon.

Сергей Булкин/NEWS.ruСергей Булкин/NEWS.ruСергей Булкин/
Сергей Булкин/NEWS.ruСергей Булкин/NEWS.ruСергей Булкин/
Лантюхов Сергей/NEWS.ruЛантюхов Сергей/NEWS.ruЛантюхов Сергей/

Horror and video game admirers made posts in which they compared the fog with the famous Silent Hill franchise or cracked jokes about unloaded textures.

Automobile drivers turned on hazard warning lights to make their vehicles more noticeable on the road.

The city’s authorities introduced the second degree of danger level while emergency services issued a warning to keep concentration on the roads and avoid driving if possible.

Local media claim that the fog could have been caused by an accident in Moscow’s industrial zone. The suppositions have been refuted by the city's meteorologists.