Dota 2 International winner Team Spirit holds press conference

19:39, 21 October 2021
Dota 2 International winner Team Spirit holds press conference Photo: YJ - originally posted to Flickr /

The press conference started with the team’s manager Andrei Belov comparing the tournament to the Champions League as they both have a similar structure. 

“Our victory at The International 10 can be compared to the victory of a Russian club in the Champions League. This is a different category of sports, but in terms of the scale and structure of the tournament, it most closely resembles the Champions League,” he said.

The captain of the team Yaroslav Naidenov then noted that the team was the dark horse of The International as the CIS team was not expected by anyone to win but still managed to surpass the world’s strongest teams that had spent years preparing for this very moment.

“Our team was an outsider of this tournament - no one really believed in us. The strongest region was China, there were five teams at the tournament, if I'm not mistaken. And each of them was pretty strong. It was a nonsense for everyone - the victory of a team from the CIS region,” Naidenov said.

Another question was asked concerning the roles of the managers, coaches and the psychologist in the historical win.

“In addition to the players, we have two great managers who helped us in all matters - all our thoughts were only in the game. Our coach, in addition to giving advice on the game, is also our friend and buddy - he maintains an incredible atmosphere in the team. A psychologist worked with us throughout the year - he was not able to come to the tournament with us, but he still contacted us in every possible way through social networks and supported us, for this we are very grateful to him,” Alexander Hertek said in a statement.

Miraslav Kolpakov continued saying that the team had to let go of all of its hobbies or personal matters as all the attention was devoted to training in the bootcamp. 

“The workout goes like this: we have scheduled breakfast, lunch and dinner. We wake up, play solo matches, then we play as a team, analyze replays of our games and display errors. All this lasts about 6-8 hours, and then after 12 o'clock, after training ends, we go to play alone again,” Ilya Mulyarchuk said, describing the team’s typical training day.

When asked what effect will Team Spirit’s win have on the CIS cybersport scene Alexander Hertek replied saying that he thinks other organizations will try to reperform Spirit’s success by focusing heavily on the psychological treatment of the players. 

“Team Spirit's victory will kick-start the CIS scene. Many players will see that those who were recently on the same level with them were able to win The International. It also seems to me that more attention will be paid to the manager, the selection of players and the coach. Organizations may try to copy our team's approach. I'm not sure if this is good, but most likely it will,” he said.

They also mentioned that they did not expect to receive so many congratulations from musicians, celebrities and politicians.

Among those who congratulated the team on their win are the Russian Minister of Defence Sergei Shoigu and the Russian President Vladimir Putin.