FBI raids homes linked to Russian magnate Deripaska

13:16, 20 October 2021
FBI raids homes linked to Russian magnate Deripaska Photo: Sergei Bulkin/

The homes linked to the Russian metal magnate Oleg Deripaska were searched by the FBI who are conducting “law enforcement activity,” according to the FBI's spokesperson. 

Deripaska who is the head of the world's largest aluminium company Rusal came under US sanctions after Russia’s alleged meddling in the American elections due to his ties to Kremlin and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in particular.

Moscow itself denies any interference in the US elections.

Diripaska’s homes in both Washington and New York City were searched by the FBI with agents carrying out evidence in special containers.

The houses were surrounded with a yellow tape which said “CRIME SCENE DO NOT ENTER.”

After learning about the news Deripaska attacked the US government. 

“I never cease to be amazed at the prohibitive stupidity of a part of the American establishment, which continues to persistently unleash this tale about the allegedly colossal role of Russians in the US presidential elections in 2016,” he said in a statement.

His spokesperson said that the reason for the raid is connected to the sanctions issue adding that searched houses belong to Deripaska’s relatives rather than himself.

"The FBI is indeed currently conducting searches in the houses belonging to Oleg Deripaska's relatives. The searches are carried out on the basis of 2 court orders related to US sanctions. The houses in question are located in New York and Washington, Oleg Deripaska himself does not own them,” the spokesperson said.

Rusal’s shares dropped by over 6% following the news but then continued to show a positive dynamic.