Key points of Russian President Putin’s speech at FM board meeting

23:35, 18 November 2021
Key points of Russian President Putin’s speech at FM board meeting Photo:

The head of state discussed essential lines of Russia’s foreign policy with ministers and diplomats.

Russian President Vladimir Putin participated on Thursday in an enlarged board meeting of the Russian Foreign Ministry. During the conference, the Russian leader spoke about the country’s foreign policy and aims, relations with the Western countries and precisely NATO, the situation in Belarus and Ukraine, global challenges, and even the WHO.

About “red lines” for NATO

Putin has expressed worries about recent flights of NATO planes by the Russian border, particularly near the Crimean Peninsula, highlighting that Russia’s partners neglect warnings and cross the country’s red lines.

“Western strategic bombers fly within 20 km of our frontiers and we know that they carry very serious weapons. We regularly raise concerns on the matter, bring up red lines, but we actually realize that our partners are quite peculiar and… how to make it sound smoother… take easy our warnings and red line talks.”

The President has also accused NATO of demolishing all mechanisms for dialogue. The conflict has recently resulted in expelling eight Russian diplomats from NATO’s headquarters and Moscow shutting down its mission to NATO.

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Putin has also directed diplomats to obtain long-term security guarantees.

“Russia cannot live like this, constantly wondering what can happen tomorrow.”

About partnership with the West and the USA

“We deal with not very reliable partners, to say the least. They easily breach any former agreements. Still, no matter how difficult it can be, we have to keep working on it.”

Concerning the US, Putin admitted that its positions and those of Russia differ a lot but highlighted that Russia remains open for a constructive dialogue.

“The Geneva summit held along with President Biden gave new opportunities for the dialogue and the relationship’s graduate amelioration. It’s important to develop our agreements. Something is already being done about it, we can’t deny that.”

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About the Minsk Protocol

“The issue remains one of the topical to us. The crisis in Ukraine is far from being solved. Ukraine demonstratively neglects its obligations implied by the Minsk agreement as well as its commitment expressed during the Normandy Format negotiations.”

The President has also stated that Germany and France supported the obligations only de jure but indulge Ukrainian policy de facto which make the talks a dead-end street. Besides, Putin has accused Western forces of selling modern weapons to Ukraine and carrying out provocative maneuvers near the Russian borders.

However, he has stressed that the cooperation must go on since “there are no other international ways to regulate the situation.

About the migrant crisis at the Belarus-Poland border

“You cannot deny that the West uses the migrant crisis and its border as an excuse to fuel tension in the region close to us, as well as to exercise pressure on Minsk. Given all that, they forget about their humanitarian obligations.”

Kremlin Pool/via Global Look PressKremlin Pool/via Global Look PressKremlin Pool/via Global Look Press

Putin has also shared that the first thing that comes to his mind when he watches news coming from the region is sadness.

“You just feel sorry for the kids, you know, little children. Still, Polish security forces use water cannons and tear gas, deploy helicopters, turn alarms on.”

About the UN Security Council summit

“As a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, Russia will defend essential principles of the UN Carter – national sovereignty and state equality, non-interference in the internal affairs, and the leading role of the United Nations. Our offer to hold a summit of permanent members of the UNSC goes in line with these principles taking into account that these countries are responsible for maintaining peace and stability in the world.”

About the role of the World Health Organization during the pandemic

“The importance of the WHO grows and its activities are worth being supported. I only wish it promoted the global immunization by accelerating approval procedures for vaccines.”


About global challenges

“Russia will vigorously participate in international action against global challenges which still include, unfortunately, terrorism and cross-border crime, spreading weapons of mass destruction, poverty, inequality, climate change, and environmental degradation.”

About relations with China

The President dubbed the relationship “a model of effective inter-state interaction in the 21st century,” and unveiled plans to boost cooperation with the Asian giant.

"Sure, not everyone likes this. Some Western partners are blatantly trying to drive a wedge between Moscow and Beijing, this is evident for us, and together with our Chinese friends we will further respond by expanding cooperation in politics, economy, and other areas and will coordinate steps on the international arena."